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Come Taste The Band Reignition

Hard Rock
AOR Heaven
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Not That Kind Of Man
Under Your Skin
Slave For Your Love
Black Rose
Tied Down
Don`t Let Me Bleed
Fools In The Night
Cradle To Grave
So Long Old Friend


Come Taste the Band (CTTB) is an norwegian classic hardrock band, founded in 1997 by guitarist Jo
Henning Kaasin and singer Vidar Heldal. The early line-up, included bassplayer Ståle Naas, Eldar
Melkvik on keyboards and Frode Flatland on drums. In the early years, CTTB was a Deep Purple
tribute band and released two CD`s with Deep Purple songs; «A Tribute To Deep Purple» in 1999
and «Live» in 2006. From 1997 to 2007, CTTB played hundreds of concerts in Scandinavia. In 2007, CTTB was asked by the norwegian festival, Kartfestivalen, to play a concert with former Deep Purple singer/bassplayer, Glenn Hughes. This show resulted in a partnership that lasted until 2010, when Hughes founded Black Country Communion with Joe Bonamassa. Glenn Hughes & CTTB did four tours together, playing Deep Purple Mk III and IV classics.

In 2011, Come Taste the Band teamed up with former Deep Purple/Rainbow-singer, Joe Lynn Turner.
JLT & CTTB toured Scandinavia, doing both Rainbow and Deep Purple material. Together they hit
the road in 2012 to 2014. During days of, Turner, guitarist Jo Henning Kaasin and bassplayer Ståle
Naas wrote and started recording two brand new songs, Tied Down and Don`t Let Me Bleed. Both
songs ended up on the new CTTB album, «REIGNITION».

2014 also saw CTTB doing two concerts with former Rainbow singers, Doogie White and Graham
Bonnet + norwegian singer, JORN Lande. Come Taste the Band have changed the linup several
times during the years, with only leader and guitarist, Jo Henning Kaasin, singer Vidar Heldal and
bassplayer Ståle Naas staying constant in the line-up.

In 2017 celebrating 20 years, CTTB played two big sold out shows with former Whitesnake guitarist,
Bernie Marsden and Doogie White (Rainbow/Michael Schenker).

After those concerts Doogie White and Jo Henning Kaasin started to write new material. CTTB landed a record deal with AOR Heaven in November 2017 and recorded seven songs with Doogie White as the singer. Those songs were recorded at Juke Joint Studio, Notodden and Stable Studio, Oslo-Norway. The band now included swedish musicans, Birger Löfman on drums and Svenne Jansson on organ/keyboards.

The album was produced by Halvor Halvorsen/Jo Henning Kaasin & CTTB, with Leif Johansen (Phenomena/21 Guns/A-ha) helping out with engineering. Njål Frode Lie mixed and mastered the album.The album «REIGNITION» includes 9 classic hardrock tracks, played mostly live in the studio and with lots of improvisations. Doogie White sings on 7 tracks and and Joe Lynn Turner on 2 tracks.