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Vandamne The First Crimes (1988 -1991) LOST UK JEWELS" Collector's Series Vol.21

Hard Rock
Steelheart Memories
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-Born on the ashes of the UK Metal band DEALER, VANDAMNE was put together in 1987 to play a more melodic and "classy" style, in the vein of bands like Dokken, Ratt and Motley Crue.With two incredible guitar-talents like Ashley Jon Limer and Pete Southern and the great vocalist Trev Short on board, the band played up and down the UK for 2-3 years, chasing that ever-elusive deal.Unfortunately, after some changes in the line-up, the band called it a day around 1992.

-Two years later, the band's manager was asked from Zero Records/Japan toreunite the band to record an album, which the band -at the end -did it.The album called "Nightcrimes" was released in 1994 on Zero Records and later (with a bonus-track) on the German label Long Island Records.But the band itself admits that the magic was a bit vanished, back then.

-"The First Crimes"CDwill feature the original recording sessions, recorded between 1988 and 1991 (and including various unreleased songs) by the original line-up.The Cd will feature 15 tracks, sounding much more "class" and melodic than the versions re-recorded later, and with the usual 16-pages booklet full of unseen pics, memorabilia and the complete band-historywrittenby UK Hard-Rock specialistRob Evans.

-This is a must-have Cd for any serious collector and fan of the '80s Melodic Rock scene, in the vein of Dokken, Ratt and Icon.