inside story: ECLIPSE

When Sweden's Eclipse released the amazing 'Bleed And Scream' album in 2012 it pushed them to the forefront of the Melodic Rock scene, further enhancing the reputation of front-man Erik Mεrtensson as one of the genre's leading lights. His writing, playing and production work seeing the likes of W.E.T., Jimi Jamison, Toby Hitchcock, Adrenaline Rush and Dalton are all recent impressive additions to his C.V. Now in 2015 the release of Eclipse's 'Armageddonize' will further cement that reputation. Erik kindly took time out from his holiday in Tobago to chat to Ant Heeks.

inside story: TEN

Ten, led by the multi-talented Gary Hughes, are swiftly approaching their 20th anniversary and are subsequently in the middle of a creative patch that is more purple than Prince's underwear drawer! A mere six months after the release of their highly lauded 'Albion' opus the band are releasing the follow up, 'Isla De Muerta', in a one-two combination very reminiscent of their first two releases, 'X' and 'Name of the Rose'. Gary Hughes spoke to Dave Crompton...