Investor Relations

Investor Relations


Welcome to - Investor Relations exists in the form on an online mailorder since 2002 and became independent as Music Buy Mail in January 2006.

Since its foundation, has been functioning as a classical online mailorder in the segment of Rock Music. Besides the physical CD and DVD offering, MBM also sells vinyls and certain merchandising products. Starting in the spring of 2007 a new separate digitial download portal was added in order to sell music files via MP3 files.

The company is at this point the only vendor worldwide with its own platform for physical and digital sound carriers. has a strong partner with in the field of development and programming.

The fragment MBM Import Service is supposed to give young and talented musicians and bands the opportunity to profit from the long-time experience and know how the founders of MBM can reflect on. The goal from MBM Import Service will be to offer releases on its own e-label. is a young and creative team with ambitious goals. In order to achieve them we are looking for manpower as well as finance investors.

Interested parties are welcome to contact the management.