Current / Forthcoming Releases

17.09.2021 BRAINSTORM 'Wall Of Skulls' AFM Records
17.09.2021 EDGE OF PARADISE 'The Unknown' Frontiers
17.09.2021 GENESIS 'The Last Domino?' (2CD)
17.09.2021 InterCore 'Dreams For Sale' Pride & Joy Music
17.09.2021 LEAVE'S EYES 'The Last Viking - Midsummer Edition'
17.09.2021 OLZON ANETTE 'Strong' Frontiers
17.09.2021 RAGE 'Resurrection Day' SPV/Steamhammer
17.09.2021 ROBIN RED Frontiers
17.09.2021 ROBLEDO 'Wanted Man' Frontiers
17.09.2021 SULTON KASIM 'Kasim 2021 Deko Entertainment
17.09.2021 VEGA 'Anarchy And Unity' Frontiers

24.09.2021 ANGELS & AIRWAVES 'Lifeforms' Rise
24.09.2021 BROTHERS IN ARMS S/T Deko Entertainment
24.09.2021 DANZI DANNY - 'Tribulations' Escape Music
24.09.2021 DORO 'Triumph And Agony Live'
24.09.2021 HEADLESS 'Square One' M-Theory Audio
24.09.2021 MOSTLY AUTUMN 'Graveyard Star' Mostly Autumn Records
24.09.2021 PARADOX 'Heresy II - End of a Legend' AFM Records
24.09.2021 SARAYA 'When The Blackbird Sings' Bad Reputation Records (re-issue)
24.09.2021 SECOND REIGN 'Gravity' Massacre Records
14.09.2021 YAFFA SAMI (Michael Monroe, Hanoi Rocks) 'The Innermost Journey to Your Outermost Mind' Livewire Records