Current / Forthcoming Releases

10.02.2023 DELAIN 'Dark Waters' Napalm Records
10.02.2023 'The Architect' InsideOutMusic
10.02.2023 IN FLAMES 'Foregone' Nuclear Blast
10.02.2023 Infinite & Divine 'Ascendancy' Frontiers
10.02.2023 'Hold Your Ground' Frontiers
10.02.2023 MOTIVE BLACK 'Auburn' AFM Records
10.02.2023 PARAMORE 'This Is Why' Atlantic Records
10.02.2023 THE ROLLING STONES 'Grrr Live!' Mercury Studios
10.02.2023 WAM 'Out of the Dark' Frontiers
10.02.2023 YOU ME AT SIX 'Truth Decay' (delayed from January 27)

17.02.2023 ALL MY SHADOWS 'Eerie Monsters' Frontiers
17.02.2023 CREYE 'Weightless' Frontiers
17.02.2023 FIRST SIGNAL 'Face Your Fears' Frontiers
17.02.2023 ROBIN McAULEY 'Alive' Frontiers
17.02.2023 CHRIS ROSANDER 'The Monster Inside' Pride & Glory
17.02.2023 THOSE DAMN CROWS 'Inhale/Exhale' Earache Records
17.02.2023 TRANSATLANTIC 'The Final Flight: Live At L'Olympia'
17.02.2023 DE VAL GABRIELLE 'Kiss In A Dragon Night' Escape Music

24.02.2023 GODSMACK 'Lighting Up The Sky' BMG
24.02.2023 BERNIE MARSDEN 'Big Boy Blues and Green: 1995-2005΄ (4CD)
24.02.2023 SIENA ROOT 'Revelation' Atomic Fire Records
24.02.2023 STEEL PANTHER 'On The Prowl'

03.03.2023 HAKEN 'Fauna' Inside Out Music
03.03.2023 REDLIGHT KING 'In Our Blood' AFM Records
03.03.2023 STARGAZER 'Life Will Never Be The Same' Mighty Music

10.03.2023 THE BANISHMENT 'Machine and Bone' Frontiers
10.03.2023 BLACKMORE'S NIGHT 'Shadow of the Moon' (25th anniversary edition)
10.03.2023 THE COLD STARES 'Voices' Mascot
10.03.2023 DEMON'S DOWN 'I Stand' Frontiers
10.03.2023 FROZEN CROWN 'Call Of The North' Scarlet Records
10.03.2023 Nanowar Of Steel 'Dislike To False Metal' Napalm Records
10.03.2023 NARNIA 'Ghost Town' Narnia Songs
10.03.2023 OTHERWISE 'GAWDZILLIONAIRE' Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group
10.03.2023 RIVAL SONS 'Darkfighter'
10.03.2023 SEVENTH CRYSTAL 'Wonderland' Frontiers
10.03.2023 STORY OF THE YEAR 'Tear Me To Pieces' SharpTone Records
10.03.2023 SUICIDE SILENCE 'Remember...You Must Die' Century Media Records
10.03.2023 GUNTER WERNO 'Anima One' Frontiers

17.03.2023 ALL TIME LOW 'Tell Me I'm Alive'
17.03.2023 THE ANSWER 'Sundowners' Golden Robot Records
17.03.2023 JASON BIELER 'Postcards From The Asylum'
17.03.2023 CROSS COUNTRY DRIVER 'New Truth' Frontiers
17.03.2023 John Diva & The Rockets Of Love 'The Big Easy' SPV/Steamhammer
17.03.2023 KAMELOT 'The Awakening' Napalm Records
17.03.2023 MYSTIC CIRCLE 'Erzdδmon' Fireflash Records
17.03.2023 NARNIA 'Ghost Town'
17.03.2023 PHANTOM BLUE 'Blue Blood' Frontiers
17.03.2023 REDEMPTION 'Iam The Storm' AFM Records
17.03.2023 POP EVIL 'Skeletons'
17.03.2023 RPWL 'Crime Scene' Gentle Art Of Music
17.03.2023 SEVEN SPIRES 'Live at Progpower USA XXI' Frontiers
17.03.2023 STORMWARNING S/T Frontiers
17.03.2023 THEORY OF A DEADMAN 'Dinosaur' Roadrunner
17.03.2023 TRANSWORLD IDENTITY 'Seven Worlds' Frontiers
17.03.2023 U2 'Songs Of Surrender - 40 Songs Reimagined and Rerecorded'