Current / Forthcoming Releases

21.04.2023 THE 69 EYES 'Death of Darkness' Atomic Fire Records
21.04.2023 ANTHEM 'Crimson & Jet Black' Reaper Entertainment
21.04.2023 BITE THE BULLET 'Rocky Road' Escape Music
21.04.2023 EVERMORE 'In Memoriam' Scarlet Records
21.04.2023 GRAND DESIGN 'Rawk' GMR Music
21.04.2023 IAN HUNTER 'Defiance Part 1΄ Sun Records
21.04.2023 JETHRO TULL 'RφkFlφte' InsideOut Music
21.04.2023 MECCA 'Everlasting' Frontiers
21.04.2023 ONE DESIRE 'Live with the Shadow Orchestra' Frontiers
21.04.2023 AXEL RUDI PELL 'The Ballads VI' Steamhammer/SPV
21.04.2023 REVOLUTION SAINTS 'Eagle Flight' Frontiers
21.04.2023 MAGNUS ROSEN BAND (ex-HAMMERFALL) 'It's Time To Rock The World Again' X-World/Sound Pollution
21.04.2023 SAINT DEAMON 'League Of The Serpent' AFM Records
21.04.2023 SMACKBOUND 'Hostage' Frontiers
21.04.2023 TANITH 'Voyage' Metal Blade Records

28.04.2023 CROWN THE EMPIRE 'Dogma'
28.04.2023 ELVENKING 'Reader Of The Runes - Rapture' Records
28.04.2023 HAMMERFALL 'Crimson Thunder - 20 Year Anniversary'
28.04.2023 HOTWIRE 'The Story So Far 1993-2023΄ Yellow Muffin Records
28.04.2023 KING'S X 'In The New Age: The Atlantic Recordings 1988-1995΄ HNE
28.04.2023 LAST TEMPTATION 'Love Wins' MelodicRock Classics
28.04.2023 MAJESTY 'Back To Attack' Reaper Entertainment
28.04.2023 PERFECT VIEW 'Bushido' Lions Pride Music
28.04.2023 MAGNUS ROSEN BAND 'Its Time To Rock The World Again'
28.04.2023 ROSS THE BOSS 'Legacy of Blood, Fire & Steel' AFM Records
28.04.2023 SINNER 'Born to Rock - The Noise Years 1984-198΄ Dissonance Productions(4CD)

05.05.2023.BURNING WITCHES 'The Dark Tower' Napalm Records
05.05.2023 CHAMPLIN/WILLIMS/FRIESTEDT - 'Carrie' (EP) Black Lodge Records
05.05.2023 DEATHSTARS 'Everything Destroys You' Nuclear Blast
05.05.2023 ENFORCER 'Nostalgia' Nuclear Blast
05.05.2023 SAVAGE GRACE 'Sign of the Cross' Massacre Records
05.05.2023 TYGERS OF PAN TANG 'Bloodlines' Mighty Music
05.05.2023 WINGER 'Seven' Frontiers

12:05:2023 BLACK SPIDERS 'Can't Die, Won't Die' Spinefarm Records
12:05:2023 CATTLE DECAPITATION 'Terrasite' Metal Blade Records
12:05:2023 CIRCUS OF ROCK 'Lost Behind The Mask' Frontiers
12:05:2023 CURSE OF CAIN S/T Atomic Fire Records
12:05:2023 HEAVEN'S EDGE 'Get It Right' Frontiers
12:05:2023 NIGHTHAWK 'Prowler' Mighty Music
12:05:2023 SCREAMACHINE 'Church Of The Scream' Frontiers
12:05:2023 MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND 'The Love Goes On' Frontiers