Current / Forthcoming Releases

28.05.2021 ALESTORM 'Live in Tilburg' Napalm Records (DVD/BluRay)
28.05.2021 BLACKBERRY SMOKE 'You Hear Georgia' Earache Records
28.05.2021 BLOODBOUND 'Creatures Of The Dark Realm' AFM Records
28.05.2021 BURNING WITCHES 'The Witch Of The North' Nuclear Blast
28.05.2021 CAN 'Live In Stuttgart 1975΄ Mute/Spoon
28.05.2021 Nick Cave and Warren Ellis 'Carnage'
28.05.2021 PETER CETERA 'Love, Glory, Honor & Heart - The Complete Full Moon and Warner Bros. Recordings 1981-1992΄ Cherry Red Records (6CD box set)
28.05.2021 CLUTCH 'Songs Of Much Gravity - 1993-2001΄ (4CD) Cherry Red Records
28.05.2021 THE DATSUNS 'Eye To Eye' Hellsquad Records
28.05.2021 LOU GRAMM 'Questions And Answers - The Atlantic Anthology 1987-1989΄ (3CD) Cherry Red Records
28.05.2021 KANSAS ''Point Of Know Return Live & Beyond' Inside Out
28.05.2021 MARILLION 'With Friends at St. Davids' earMUSIC
28.05.2021 MIDNITE CITY 'Itch You Can't Scratch' Roulette Media Records
28.05.2021 PROUD 'Second Act' AOR Heaven
28.05.2021 7HY 'Rogues Gallery' Lions Pride Music
28.05.2021 SILVER LAKE S/T Nuclear Blast
28.05.2021 SLYVAN 'One To Zero' Gentle Art Of Music
28.05.2021 TUPLE 'Welcome To Hell' AOR Heaven
28.05.2021 TYGERS OF PAN TANG 'Majors & Minors' Mighty Music

04.06.2021 THE ALARM 'History Repeating 1981-2021΄ (2CD)
04.06.2021 ATREYU 'Baptize' Spinefarm Records
04.06.2021 GRAHAM BOND ORGANISATION 'Wade In The Water (Classics, Origins & Oddities)' (4CD box set) Repertoire 04.06.2021 DEF LEPPARD 'Volume Three'
04.06.2021 Flotsam & Jetsam 'Blood in the Water' AFM Records
04.06.2021 BILLY GIBBONS 'Hardware' Concord Records
04.06.2021 PAUL GILBERT 'Werewolves of Portland' The Players Club
04.06.2021 IAN PARRY 'Brute Force' Metal Mind Productions
04.06.2021 RHAPSODY OF FIRE 'I'll Be Your Hero' (EP) AFM Records
04.06.2021 RISE AGAINST 'Nowhere Generation' Loma Visa
04.06.2021 VAN CANTO 'To The Power Of Eight' Napalm Records

11.06.2021 AFI 'Bodies' Rise Records
11.06.2021 ASIA 'The Reunion Albums: 2007-2012΄ BMG Records
11.06.2021 BLACK SABBATH 'Sabotage' (4CD/vinyl box set) BMG
11.06.2021 JOE BONAMASSA 'Now Serving: Royal Tea Live From The Ryman'
11.06.2021 BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER S/T Frontiers
11.06.2021 CRYPTA 'Echoes of the Soul' Napalm Records
11.06.2021 DENNIS DE YOUNG '26 East Volume 2΄ Frontiers
11.06.2021 Vince DiCola 'Only Time Will Tell' Escape Music
11.06.2021 GARBAGE 'No Gods No Masters'
11.06.2021 GO AHEAD AND DIE S/T Nuclear Blast (features Max Cavalera)
11.06.2021 HAMMER KING S/T Napalm Records
11.06.2021 MAMMOTH WVH S/T
11.06.2021 ONE DESIRE 'One Night Only - Live in Helsinki' Frontiers
11.06.2021 TERRA ODIUM 'Ne Plus Ultra' Frontiers

18.06.2021 Timo Tolkki΄s AVALON 'The Enigma Birth' Frontiers
18.06.2021 BULLETBOYS 'The Warner Albums 1988-1993΄ (3CD remastered) Cherry Red Records
18.06.2021 CHALICE OF SIN Frontiers
18.06.2021 CROWNE 'Kings in the North' Frontiers
18.06.2021 FEAR FACTORY 'Aggression Continuum' Nuclear Blast
18.06.2021 HELLOWEEN S/T Nuclear Blast (includes MICHAEL KISKE & KAI HANSEN)
18.06.2021 KENT HILLI 'The Rumble' Frontiers
18.06.2021 NEONFLY 'The Future, Tonight' Noble Demon Records
18.06.2021 SOCIAL DOSORDER 'Love 2 Be Hated' AFM Records
18.06.2021 STYX 'Crash of the Crown'