Current / Forthcoming Releases

22.02.2019 CANDLEMASS The Door To Doom
22.02.2019 Claypool Lennon Delirium 'South Of Reality
22.02.2019 DEAD WITCHES The Final Exorcis
22.02.2019 DELAIN 'Hunter's Moon' Napalm Records
22.02.2019 DEMON HEAD Hellfire Ocean Void
22.02.2019 DREAM THEATER Distance Over Time' Inside Out
22.02.2019 FIND ME Angels In Blue
22.02.2019 FM The Italian Job (live CD/DVD)
22.02.2019 IMPERIA Flames of Eternity
22.02.2019 LAST IN LINE 'I' Frontiers
22.02.2019 OVERKILL The Wings Of War
22.02.2019 PRETTY MAIDS A Blast From The Past (12CD box set)
22.02.2019 REO Speedwagon Classic Years 1978-1990 (nine-disc set)
22.02.2019 RHAPSODY OF FIRE The Eight Mountains
22.02.2019 ROCK GODDESS This Time
22.02.2019 SPIRITS OF FIRE (features TIM 'Ripper' OWENS & CHRIS CAFFERY) S/T
22.02.2019 TORA TORA Bastards Of Beale
22.02.2019 VISION OF ATLANTIS The Deep and the Dark Live
22.02.2019 WEST BOUND Vol. 1

01.03.2019 ADAMS BRYAN Shine A Light
01.03.2019 BACKYARD BABIES Silver & Gold
01.03.2019 BLAZE BAYLEY Live In France
01.03.2019 BROWNESS TIM Flowers At The Scene
01.03.2019 DARKJWATER Human
01.03.2019 DEMON HUNTER War
01.03.2019 DEVICIOUS Reflections
01.03.2019 HORIZONS EDGE Let The Show Go On
01.03.2019 IN FLAMES I, The Mask
01.03.2019 QUEENSRYCHE The Verdict
01.03.2019 SISTERS OF SUFFOCATION Humans Are Broken
01.03.2019 STATEMENT Force Of Life
01.03.2019 TRAMP MIKE Stray From The Flock
01.03.2019 WEEZER The Black Album

08.03.2019 BUCKCHERRY Warpaint
08.03.2019 CATS IN SPACE Day Trip To Narnia
08.03.2019 CHILDREN OF BODOM Hexed
08-03.2019 IRON FIRE Beyond the Void
08.03.2019 IRON SAVIOR Kill Or Get Killed
08.03.2019 PENDULUM OF FORTUME Return to Eden
08.03.2019 SUBWAY TO SALLY Hey
08.03.2019 TESLA Shock
08.03.2019 TŬR' Hel'
08.03.2019 WELLER PAUL 'Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall
08.03.2019 WHITESNAKE 'Slide It In' (6CD/DVD box set)
08.03.2019 WHITESNAKE 'Slide It In' (2CD/2LP re-issue)

15.03.2019 CROSSDADE Carousel
15.03.2019 FALLUJAH Undying Light
15.03.2019 FOREIGNER 'Ive In '78? (DVD/Blu-Ray)
15.03.2019 HOEY GARY Neon Highway Blues
15.03.2019 JESSEN MICHAEL Bulletproof
15.03.2019 MARTIE PETERS GROUP Unfinished Business
15.03.2019 (Francis) Rossi/(Hannah) Rickard We Talk Too Much

22.03.2019 APPEARANCE OF NOTHING In Times Of Darkness
22.03.2019 BATTLE BEAST No More Hollywood Endings
22.03.2019 BITE THE BULLET S/T (Re-Release)
22.03.2019 BLOODBOUND Rise of The Dragon Empire
22.03.2019 BURNING RAIN 'Face The Music
22.03.2019 CELLAR DARLING The Spell
22.03.2019 END MACHINE S/T (features George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, Mick Brown, & Robert Mason)
22.03.2019 FROZEN CROWN Crowned In Frost
22.03.2019 HAREM SCAREM The Ultimate Collection (14box set)
22.03.2019 LA GUNS T he Devil You Know
22.03.2019 MANSUN Six (re-release)
22.03.2019 MEGADETH Warheads On Foreheads (best of)
22.03.2019 MERIDIAN Marching Of Error
22.03.2019 MOTLEY CRUE The Dirt - Soundtrack
22.03.2019 THE MUTE GODS Atheists and Believers
22.03.2019 NILSSON PETER H. Little American Dream
22.03.2019 NIGHT S/T (Re-Release)
22.03.2019 NIGHT Long Distance (Re-Release)
22.03.2019 RICHARDS KEITH Talk Is Cheap (expanded deluxe-edition box set)
22.03.2019 RIOT Restless (RE-Release)
22.03.2019 ROULETTE Now
22.03.2019 SLEEPER The Modern Age
22.03.2019 TNT Encore - Live In Milan
22.03.2019 TOTO '40 Tours Around The Sun (2CD, DVD,Blu-Ray)
22.03.2019 THE TREATMENT Power Crazy
22.03.2019 TRISHULA 'Scared To Breathe' AOR Heaven
22.03.2019 TROWER ROBIN Coming Closer To The Day
22.03.2019 TYLER BONNIE Between The Earth And The Stars
22.03.2019 UNDER FIRE (Re-Release)
22.03.2019 WARRIOR featuring Vinnie Vincent (2CD) Re-Release