Aktuelle / Kommende Veröffentlichungen

09.02.2024 INFECTED RAIN 'Time' Napalm Records
09.02.2024 JACK J HUTCHINSON 'Battles'
09.02.2024 IN VAIN 'Back To Nowhere' Fighter Records
09.02.2024 THE PINEAPPLE THIEF 'It Leads To This' kscope
09.02.2024 REVOLUTION SAINTS 'Against the Wings' Frontiers
09.02.2024 SMOKING SNAKES 'Danger Zone' Frontiers
09.02.2024 tAKIDA 'The Agony Flame' Napalm Records

16.02.2024 ART OF ANARCHY 'Let There Be Anarchy' Pavement Music
16.02.2024 BLACKBERRY SMOKE 'Be Right Here' 3 Legged Records/Thirty Tigers
16.02.2024 CRAZY LIXX 'Two Shots at Glory' (Re-recorded songs) Frontiers
16.02.2024 DURBIN 'Screaming Steel' Frontiers
16.02.2024 ELETTRA STORM 'Powerlords' Scarlet Records
16.02.2024 STEVE HACKETT 'The Circus And The Nightwhale' InsideOut Music
16.02.2024 HONEYMOON SUITE 'Alive' Frontiers
16.02.2024 ILLUMISHADE 'Another Side Of You' Napalm Records

23.02.2024 ARKADO 'Open Sea' Pride & Joy Music
23.02.2024 AMARANTHE 'The Catalyst' Nuclear Blast Records
23.02.2024 AVION 'S/T', MelodicRock Classics
23.02.2024 AVION - 'White Noise', 'Live'
23:02:2024 BLAZE BAYLEY 'Circle Of Stone'
23:02:2024 THE CROWS 'Ready When You Are' Lions Pride Music
23:02:2024 D'LUNA 'Monster' Escape Music
23:02:2024 DUST BOLT 'Sound & Fury' AFM Records
23:02:2024 ACE FREHLEY '10,000 Volts'
23:02:2024 LIONHEART 'The Grace of a Dragonfly' Metalville Records
23:02:2024 MICK MARS 'The Other Side of Mars'
23:02:2024 SAFFIRE 'For the Greater Good'
23:02:2024 TODAY WAS YESTERDAY S/T Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group