Aktuelle / Kommende Veröffentlichungen

27.04.2018 '77 Bright Gloom
27.04.2018 AARON LEE Diamond Baby Blues
27.04.2018 ANTHRAX Kings Among Scotland (DVD)
27.04.2018 BLITZKRIEG Judge Not!
27.04.2018 FOGERTY JOHN Blue Moon Swamp (Re-Release)
27.04.2018 FOREIGNER Orchestral Live
27.04.2018 FRONTLINE State Of The Rock (Re-Release)
27.04.2018 HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS Bad Frequencies
27.04.2018 HEARTWIND Higher and Higher
27.04.2018 KOBRA AND THE LOTUS Prevail II
27.04.2018 RAIN OR SHINE Seize The Night
27.04.2018 RIOT V Armour Of Light
27.04.2018 TOUNDRA Vortex

04.05-2018 Angelus Apatrida Cabaret de la Guillotine
04.05.2018 GAZ COOMBES World's Strongest Man
04.05.2018 DIMMU BORGIR Eonian
04.05.2018 IRON ANGEL Hellbound
04.05.2018 REEF Revelation
04.05.2018 SHINEDOWN Attention Attention
04.05.2018 Turner Frank Be More Kind

11.05.2018 DOOMSDAY OUTLAW Hard Times
11.05.2018 LORDS OF THE BLACK Icons of the New Days
11.05.2018 JIZZY PEARL (LOVE/HATE) All You Need Is Soul
11.05.2018 PRAYING MANTIS Gravity
11.05.2018 SEVENDUST All I See Is War
11.05.2018 VEGA 'Only Human

18.05-2018 ALLEN JON Blue Flame
18.05.2018 AMORPHIS Queen Of Time
18.05.2018 ARMORED SAINT Symbol Of Salvation' (with bonus tracks)
18.05.2018 ASH Islands
18.05.2018 AT THE GATES To Drink from the Night Itself
18.05.2018 BAD WOLVES Disobey
18.05.2018 BONAMASSA JOE British Blues Explosion Live
18.05-2018 BURN THE PRIEST Legion: XX
18.05.2018 CRYSTAL TEARS Decadance Deluxe
18.05.2018 THE FIERCE & THE DEAD The Euphoric
18.05.2018 FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH And Justice For None
18.05.2018 GAZPACHO Soyuz
18.05.2018 GEORGE ROBIN Rogue Angels
18.05.2018 GREENSLADE DAVE Cactus Choir
18.05.2018 HARTMANN Hands On The Wheel
18.05.2018 MARILLION Smoke And Mirrors

25.05.2018 DON AIREY One Of A Kind
25.05.2018 ARENA Double Vision' Verglas
25.05.2018 BIFFY CLYRO MTV Unplugged
25.05.2018 BULLETS AND OCTANE Waking Up Dead
25.05.2018 FRONTLINE Heroes (RE-Release)
25.05.2018 GRAVEYARD Peace
25.05.2018 HOOBASTANK Push Pull
25.05.2018 IMPERIUM Beyond The Stars
25.05.2018 LORDI Sexorcism
25.05.2018 LUNATIC SKY Under The Fragmented Sky
25.05.2018 MILLENIAL REIGN The Great Divide
25.05.2018 MONUMENT Hellhound
25.05.2018 Motor City Mayhem Shitfaced And Outta Luck
25.05.2018 OVERKILL Live In Overhausen
25.05.2018 ROX DIAMOND Let The Music Do The Talkin
25.05.2018 RYAN ROXIE (ALICE COOPER guitarist) 'Imagine Your Reality
25.05.2018 SNOW PATROL Wildness
25.05.2018 SPOCK'S BEARD Noise Floor
25.05.2018 SUBSIGNAL La Muerta

01.06.2018 DALTREY ROGER As Long As I Have You
01.06.2018 DEF LEPPARD 'Volume 1 ' (box set inc. first 4 studio albums, live tracks & rarities)
01.06.2018 DESERT MOUNTAIN TRIBE Om Parvat Mystery
01.06.2018 ELVELON Until dawn
01.06.2018 GASSER LUKE The Judas Tree
01.06.2018 GHOST Prequelle
01.06.2018 KATAKLYSM Meditations
01.06.2018 NERVOSA Downfall Of Mankind
01.06.2018 REED DIZZY Rock'n'Roll ain't easy
01.06.2018 ROXIE RYAN Image your reality
01.06.2018 STEELHEART Tangled in reins (Re-Release)

08.06.2018 GRAND DESIGN - Idolizer (Re-Release) 3 Bonustracks
08.06.2018 MEGADETH Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good' (re-issue)
08.06.2018 REFUGE Solitary Men
08.06.2018 SUNSTORM feat. Joe Lynn Turner 'The Road To Hell
08.06.2018 TNT XIII
08.06.2018 TREMONTI 'A Dying Machine' Napalm Records
08.06.2018 TRILLIUM (featuring Amanda Somerville) Tectonic