Aktuelle / Kommende Veröffentlichungen

07.09.2018 BOSTON MANOR 'Welcome To The Neighbourhood'
07.09.2018 CLUTCH Book Of Bad Decisions
07.09.2018 KORPIKTAANI 'Kulkija' Nuclear Blast
07.09.2018 KRAVITZ LENNY Raise Vibration
07.09.2018 LED ZEPPELIN The Song Remains The Same (re-issue)
07.09.2018 METAL ALLEGIANCE Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty

14.09.2018 DEICIDE Overtures of Blasphemy
14.09.2018 DREAM CHILD Until Death Do We Meet Again
14.09.2018 THE DOORS Waiting For The Sun (50th anniversary re-issue)
14.09.2018 ETHERNITY The Human Race Extinction
14.09.2018 ESCOVEDO ALEJSNDRO The Crossing
14.09.2018 FEDERAL CHARM Passenger
14.09.2018 GOOD CHARLOTTE Generation RX
14.09.2018 GRAVE DIGGER The Living Dead
14.09.2018 GROUNBREAKER - Grounbreaker (includes FM's STEVE OVERLAND)
14.09.2018 LIONCAGE Turn Back Time
14.09.2018 MONSTER TRUCK True Rockers
14.09.2018 ORBITAL 'Monsters Exist'
14.09.2018 OUTLOUD Virtual Hero Society
14.09.2018 QUIREBOYS Homewreckers & Heartbreakers (10th Anniversary)
14.09.2018 SNAKES IN PARADISE Step Into The Light Frontiers
14.09.2018 TREAT Tunguska
14.09.2018 THE TREWS Civilianaires
14.09.2018 THE UNITY Rise
14.09.2018 URIAH HEEP Living The Dream
14.09.2018 WELLER PAUL Ture Meanings
14.09.2018 WILSON ANN (HEART) Immortal (Cover Album)

21.09.2018 ABORTED Terror Vision
21.09.2018 BLACK MAJESTY Children of the Abyss'
21.09.2018 BONAMASSA JOE Redemption
21.09.2018 DARK SARAH The Golden Moth
21.09.2018 DRAGONLAND Dominion
21.09.2018 DREAM PATROL Phantoms of the Past
21.09.2018 FREAK KITCHEN Confusion to the Enemy
21.09.2018 GIBBONS BILLY The Big Bad Blues
21.09.2018 HARDCORE SUPERSTARS You Can't Kill Rock 'N' Roll
21.09.2018 LIONCAGE 'Turn Back Time' Pride & Joy
21.09.2018 NASHVILLE PUSSY 'Pleased To Eat You' Verycord Records
21.09.2018 SLASH featuring MYLES KENNEDY & THE CONSPIRATORS Living The Dream
21.09.2018 SUEDE The Blue Hour
21.09.2018 THERAPY? Cleave
21.09.2018 VOIVOD The Wake