Kommende Veröffentlichungen

November / Dezember 2017
10.11.17 AMBERIAN DAWN 'Darkness Of Eternity' CD
10.11.17 BABYLON A.D. 'Revelation Highway' CD
10.11.17 BLACK ACES 'Anywhere But Here' CD
10.11.17 The Dark Element (featuring Anette Olzon and Jani Liimatainen) CD
10.11.17 Destruction 'Thrash Anthems II' CD
10.11.17 Electric Wizard 'Wizard Bloody Wizard' CD
10.11.17 FEROCIOUS DOG 'The Red Album' CD
10.11.17 NOEL GALLAGHER - Who built the moon? CD
10.11.17 METALLICA 'Master Of Puppets' (reissue with unreleased songs/demos) Blackened Recordings CD /3CD/ LP/ Box
10.11.17 PINK CREAM 69 'Headstrong' CD
10.11.17 PRIMAL FEAR 'The Best Of Fear' CD
10.11.17 SANTA CRUZ 'Bad Blood Rising' CD
10.11.17 JEFF SCOTT SOTO 'Retribution' CD
10.11.17 SHAKRA 'Snakes and Ladders' CD
10.11.17 (Michael) SWEET & (George) LYNCH 'Unified' CD
17.11.17 BARE NAKED LADIES 'Nudes' CD
17.11.17 BLACK SABBATH 'The End' (CD/DVD/Blu Ray/ LP)
17.11.17 CAVALERA CONSPIRACY 'Psychosis' CD
17.11.17 THE DOORS 'Strange Days' (50th anniversary reissue)
17.11.17 DOWNES BRAIDE ASSOCIATION 'Skyscraper Souls' CD
17.11.17 GODFLESH 'Post Self' CD
17.11.17 JEFF LYNNE'S ELO 'Wembley Or Bust' (CD/DVD)
17.11.17 GALATIC COWBOYS 'Long Way Back To The Moon' CD
17.11.17 IRON MAIDEN 'The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter'
17.11.17 QUEEN 'News of the World' (40th anniversary box set)
17.11.17 SAXON 'Decade of the Eagle' (best of 1979-1988) BMG
17.11.17 BOB SEGER 'I Knew You When' CD
17.11.17 TARJA 'From Spirits And Ghosts (Score For A Dark Christmas)' CD