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Metal Church This Present Wasteland

Heavy Metal
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Killing Space
War Never Won
Meet Your Maker
Crawling To Extinction
Mass Hysteria
Breath Again
Deeds Of A Dead Soul
The Prophet And The Madman
Beneath The Silence
Tales Of A Stalker
King Of Lies
In The Company Of Sorrow
The Perfect Crime


2008, Metal Church were founded in the early Eighties in Seattle. Celebrated as outstanding talents, the band signed a recording deal in the very early stages of their career and released their debut, Metal Church in 1984, an offering praised to the skies by the press. "The band's amazing musicality is an absolute highlight in itself. This album will always be a classic of American straight-ahead heavy metal." Even more enthusiastic were the hymns of praise reaped by The Dark, out two years later, which kicked off one of the best metal releases of the decade with the breathtaking 'Ton of Bricks'. Subsequently, Metal Church underwent the first of several line-up changes. Frontman David Wayne left the group and was replaced by former Heretic vocalist, Mike Howe. Reinforced by Howe and also John Marshall (guitar), the riffs became heavier and the lyrics more ambitioned, a number of songs on Blessing In Disguise and The Human Factor dealing with burning political and social questions. The Nineties saw the Metal Church members pursue different and more personal directions. Kurdt Vanderhoof continued to work under his own name, while Arrington played at various sessions and cut an album with Sir Mix-A-Lot. 1999 came the much-noticed reunification of the original Metal Church line-up, as well as the release of the album, Masterpeace. Masterpeace marked the band's return to their classic sound and was followed by appearances at numerous festivals all over Europe. The brilliant The Weight Of The World arrived in 2004, Metal Church introducing their new vocalist Ronny Munroe to the public. Respectfully characterized by the music press as "Rob Halford meets Dio", he immediately catapulted the band to a new level in terms of vocals and content. With the exception of 'Temples Of The Sea', all lyrics on 2006`s A Light In The Dark were penned by Munroe - typical metal prose that, according to Vanderhoof, has little in common with overly sinister or indeed satanic subjects. "We are and will continue to be a thoroughly positive band, which you can hear on the new songs," he clarifies. Metal Church embarked on a full european tour in 2006 and continues with a 40 dates US Tour in 2007. In 2008 Jay Reynolds left the band and was replaced by Rick van Zandt. With the new album "This Present Wasteland" the band will tour in August in the US and will do a huge european tour in the beginning of 2009.