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Recording Studio

Recording Studio

In cooperation with Music Buy Mail, 1st take studios are an important and popular point of contact for artists of all genres.

To be able to record, mix and master in a relaxed atmosphere, to be able to solely focus on music far away from big city turmoil - this is what makes 1st taken studios a creative oasis for and with people for whom music means communication, passion and emotion. 3 recording rooms, one control room and 56 channels are a solid basis for professional productions. For orchestra recordings there are partner studios at hand. Collaboration with partners worldwide via data transfer is also part of the daily work routine at 1st take studios.

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Virtual Drummer

Studio and session drummer Carsten Enghardt can be heard on numerous renowned LP, CD and DVD productions. As a "virtual drummer" he is the solution to the problem for many producers and musician who don't have the means to record drums at their disposal. If during the layout stage or during the mix phase: just send both the title and the drum track in MP3/WAV format via post or via email, and off we go. Live drums recorded according to your specifications, without annoying sound checks, without having to pay for a studio etc. - everything is possible here, and everything is executed in the highest quality. Reasonably priced, stress-free, quick - your "virtual drummer" is a concept that is steadily gaining popularity. (If necessary we are also happy to provide contact to guitar players, keyboarders, bass players, singers etc.)

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