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Digital Promotion

Digital Promotion

CONNECTING MUSIC is a sub-division of Music Buy Mail. CONNECTING MUSIC is a digital promotional media distribution provider - serving watermarked music files for verified promoters, journalists, radio, distributors for their press work. Digital media distribution is cheaper and saves a lot of time.

Physical promo copies often end up on ebay, second hand stores or illegal download servers long before the release date! The audio files are all watermarked and we are co-operating with the FRAUNHOFER institute, who developed the MP3 format. All music files have an embedded digital and not audible watermark which includes an individual identification code of each journalist. Our software can retrace the user in case a song was distributed without authorization.

Our tool is based on ,,Connecting Music". All registered users / journalists "see" all products which are available on Connecting Music. Depending on the label and the categories, the product may be restricted to certain users / categories. In the past this system worked very positive as labels found important and successful new press contacts through our tool. In case there are journalists not allowed to download your album they are able to get in touch with you by mail and you decide if you want to add him for a download.

More info: Connecting Music